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Who is "The Local Guy?"

Captain / Owner

Adam Underwood, known to his friends and family as “Wood," was born and raised in Southeast Alaska. He has 35 years of being on the water - a few of which were before he could walk.


He learned his love of the water from his father who hand trolled for salmon around Hoonah in the 70's, and his grandfather who owned and operated the  Warner's Marina in Juneau for decades.  If you're walking around downtown Juneau look for "Warner's Warf" which is named after his grandfather Peter Warner.


Adam was 13 years old when he got his own boat - a 14 foot Lund skiff. "Best way to learn how to read the water!" he said, and has been his own captain ever since.

Since then he has owned, operated and/or worked on vessels ranging from 20 to 165 feet in various parts of Alaska. Most notably is the 8 months he spent in Dutch Harbor patrolling in the Bering Sea with the Alaska State Troopers.

After years of fishing and boating with his family and friends he decided to get his official United States Coast Guard Captain's license as a way to share his love and passion with others. 

Juneau Fishing Captian Local Guy Charters

 "The Local Guy Family"





Samanta "Sam" was born and raised here in Juneau (The Local Gal) and is part owner of our family business. She's been running "Legacy" Since 2019.  As seasoned Captain you will be blessed to have her leading you to the happy fishing / Whale Watching grounds. 

Captain Andrew

Lead Deckhand /Captain



Matthew AKA "Joe Joe" Born and raised here in Juneau.  Per his dad he arrived in the world with extra tuff boots, a lifejacket and a fishing rod.  Matthew has been working with us for now 3 years.  He's a natural on the water and is in charge of training all deckhands as well as the Captains.  Matthew got his Captains license this year.  He will be working double duty as Lead Deckhand / Captain. He will be operating our new 24' Thunder Jet as well as Legacy.  






Andrew was born and raised in Juneau.  He's been fishing since before he was able to walk.  Andrew's been a Licensed boat Captain since 2020 prior to that he was a deckhand for 5 years.  Andrew will be operating our new 24' Thunder Jet as well as Legacy.  



Caden was born and raised in Juneau.  Caden comes from a Commercial fishing family,  he knows the waters and is skilled with guiding anglers on how to handle a rod to land the big ones. Caden will primarily be on "Legacy" but knows each boat like the back of his hand. 

Caden's been with us for 2 years and hopefully he will be getting his captains license next year and take over as our lead Deckhand / Captain role.





Marcus he is 17 years old as self proclaimed veteran of the sea and captain-in-training. He has been boating and fishing his whole life and has a keen eye for spotting marine wildlife. 

Juneau Alaska Whale Watching, Charter Fishing

Owner / Van driver


Kathy is a Juneau Police Detective, She does not typically have time to help out on the boat due to keeping our community safe.  When time allows she will help transporting you to and from our boat.

The Local Guy Juneau Alaska
The Local Guy Juneau Alaska

"Legacy ", "Nirvana" and "The Sportsman" 

The Charter Boat
28 Foot Almar Sounder

"Legacy" is a heavy duty aluminum boat commonly used by Marine law enforcement because of its durability.  She has great visibility from inside the cabin, a large and open back deck offering plenty of room to move around when your fishing or watching whales, and a fully enclosed locking bathroom. 

She is powered by new, twin Mercury 200 horse power outboard motors which are integrated into a high tech Navionics system. We won’t waste your time on the water by trying to save money on fuel. Depending on the weather conditions, our average cruising speed is between 26 - 30 mph which allows us to get you to the best spots fast.  

"Nirvana" is a Aluminum Chambered Boat (ACB) it measures out over 37 feet in length and has a 9'2 beam. ACB boats are unsinkable and can not flip over. That being said you will be going out on the safest boat around.  Nirvana offers ample fishing and viewing space on the back deck offering just under 8 feet in length and 7 feet wide.  Nirvana also has a walkaround rail to access the bow for additional viewing and fishing space.  Nirvana is the only Charter boat in Juneau with                              Stabelizer.  These units eliminate up to 90% of the boats rolling.  

"The Sportsman" is a 24 foot Thunderjet overall length is 27 feet in length.  The Sportsman is our Maserati on the water! This boat is fast and fairly stout.  Typically it will only be used on 4 hour trips based on its size and lack of amenities. It has a portable toilet with a curtsy curtain.  Not a boat for the shy or timid fisherman.  The Sportsman is truly " the Alaskan experience" boat.   All that being said it does have a great heater and big fishing deck.  

We do NOT offer guarantees on catching fish or seeing specific wildlife.  These are wild Alaskan animals and we cannot predict if the fish will bite or the wildlife will be out playing. What we WILL guarantee is that you'll have an experience you won't find on a cruise ship or in a gift shop. On our bout your party will be treated like family. Our goal is for you and your party to have a great time with us here in Juneau on your Whale Watching, Charter Fishing Adventure.

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