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To give your party a truly personal experience we
NEVER add additional groups or individuals to your tour.
If our booking times do not match your arrival time, we are flexible and able to adjust for your needs. Call or email us anytime.

• Whale Watching  •

The following are regulations from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that we ALWAYS follow:

  • We will not approach within 100 yards of any Humpback Whales.

  • We will not place our vessel in the path of oncoming humpback whales causing them to surface within 100 yards of our vessel.

  • We will always operate our vessel at a slow, safe speed & limit our noise.

  • To minimize our impact on the Wildlife, we will limit our viewing time to 30 Minutes or less.   

We CANNOT guarantee that the wildlife will be out and visible on every trip. We, however, WILL do our best to make your trip wonderful & memorable.  We have however had 100% success seeing Whales on every trip.


New additions to enhance your trip with us include:

  • Hydrophone - This will allow us to hear Humpback and Killer (Orca) Whales communicate underwater.

  • As a active member of Whale Sense we have been authorized to have Humpback Whale Baleen on board.  

Please see the Important Information​ section for details, booking times, and cancellation policy.

Humpback lung feeding
May 14 Humpback Whale 5 resize
Sounding with the Mendenhall Glacier in
Bubble netting
Close Humpback encounter
Humpback Whale tail
whale over the shoulder
Orca upclose returing from Tracy Arm Fjo
orca breach (2)
Killer Whale playing
Killer Whale

• Sightseeing  & Photo Excursions •

The prices for these trips are for the boat, not per person.

This option will allows travel further out. We can share with you some of our favorite unique and local places such as:

6 Hour trip

  • Hoonah

  • Excursion Inlet

  • Berners Bay

8 hour trip

  • Point Adolphus

  • Gustavus

  • The Entrance of Glacier Bay​

"Tracy Arm Fjord" is a magnificent sights and truly a once in a lifetime adventure.  The scenery and wildlife viewing are simply amazing.

On these trips your party will see a wide variety of wildlife:

Humpback Whales, Killer Whales, Steller Sea lions, Pacific Harbor Seals, Otters, Dall's Porpoises, Sitka Black-tailed deer, Black or Brown bears, Mountain Goats and multiple different birds. 

A meal will be provided along with snacks and drinks (Non-Alcoholic beverages) on these adventure.

Please see the Important Information​ section for details, booking times, and cancellation policy.


Fishing  •

There's nothing like fishing for one of Alaska's most notorious and delicious fish, Salmon! Halibut! and Rockfish!

We offer 4, 6 and 8 hour Salmon trips.  Each trip offered is specific to what you want for your Alaskan fishing adventure. While on your trip we will take you to specific locations where the fishing will offer your and your party the best opportunity to go home successful.  Depending on the time of season we will target the specific type of salmon that are most abundant.  Check our Trip Planning Page for the different Salmon and run times best times to fish.  click here for trip planning page. (Special note: Salmon Fishing - April through June 15th - King Salmon fishing is restricted to catch and release ! Fish caught will not be netted or brought out of the water. 


Rockfish can be targeted specifically or substituted if limits are filled or Salmon fishing is not producing.


Halibut fishing - Typically Halibut do not enter the local Juneau waters until the middle of June.  4 hour Halibut trips are not recommended prior to June 15th.  Prior to June 15th 6 and 8 hour trips are an options, however, please call if you want to book your trip before booking online.- Halibut Limit is 1 Halibut per licensed person.  Current retention size is up to 40 inches or above 80 inches.

6 & 8 Hour Combo - These trips are going to be fished in the local Juneau waters. Typical travel time on the water is between 30 minutes to an hour each way.  These trips are a combination of the trips listed above.  

Deluxe Alaskan Fishing Experience - Combo fishing - Halibut, Salmon & Rockfish

8 hour fishing Trip - These trips take 1.5 - 2 hours of travel each way.  We will be heading to the fishing grounds of Hawk Inlet and or Icy Straits.  These spots are fished less than locations closer to Juneau.  Typically the success rate is better, and size of fish are bigger and you get to see more wildlife being away from the rest of the fishing fleet.  

Please see the Important Information section for details, booking times, and cancellation policy.

Happy fishing!
Halibut and Rockfish

• Water Taxi Services  •

$250.00 / per Hour plus tax - price is for the boat not per-person

We will take you to any location you want to go.  If you want the boat to stay and wait, you will be charged $50.00 per hour. This NEEDS to be arranged ahead of time.

Call us for more details and booking options.


• Important Information  •

  1. There is a 6-person maximum per trip. 

  2. Courtesy van will pick you up at your dock and return you to your dock after the trip. Allow for an hour travel time, around 30 minutes each way. We will schedule your pick up 15-25 minutes after your ship is scheduled to arrive.  We will wait for you, if it takes longer. However your time will on the water will be reduced to avoid conflicts to the next schedule trip.  If your delayed due to your ship arrival ,your trip will not be affected.  If extra time is needed due to mobility issues please inform us when booking your trip.  Trips booked the last minute, will be responsible to provide you're own transportation.

  3. Unlike other companies, we will not book other parties on your Alaskan tour.

  4. The 8 hour tours have a small meal included - Soft drinks, water, and snacks are provided on all tours.

  5. We do NOT offer guarantees on catching fish or seeing specific wildlife.  These are wild animals and we cannot predict if the fish will bite or the wildlife will be out playing.  Typically we will not fish more than 4 rods at a time. Strong currents and hooked fish often causes lines to tangle, tangled lines takes time from your fishing experience.  Fishing is not mathematical! less lines in the water does not reflect the amount of fish getting caught.  All fishing trips have travel time getting to and from the marina.  Travel time is part of your selected trip.

  6. What we will guarantee is you will see things you can’t see from your cruise ship, airplane, or from the road. Your party be treated like family and you will have a good time. Alaskan hospitality, at its best!                           

  7. Local residents will receive 5% Discount  (ID is required)

  8. Military and Law Enforcement will receive 10% Discount (Military Id and or badge required)

  9. Law Enforcement officers who have been injured in the line of Duty (Call us for a Special rate)

  10. Absolutely no illegal drugs are permitted on board, this includes "Marijuana"

  11. This is Alaska and at times the weather will not be in our favor.  Our goal is for you and your party to have the best experience possible.  If the weather is determined to be unsafe, we will not go.  A full refund will be given.

  12. As a member of Whale Sense  we conduct responsible whale watching and promote  marine mammal conservation. At all times we follow and adhere to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Alaska Humpback Whale Approach regulations, no exceptions! 

    • We will NOT approach within 100 yards of any marine mammals.

    • We will NOT place our vessel in the path of oncoming humpback whales.

    • We will operate our vessel at a slow, safe speed and limit our noise.

    • Further we will limit our viewing time to 30 Minutes to minimize vessel disturbance to wildlife.


Included in all fishing charters:

*All fishing gear

*Fish Cleaning

*Arrangement for fish processing and shipping

    - We use Jerry's Meats and Seafood, check them out at - Jerrysmeats.com

Recommended items to bring along:

*Rain-gear, waterproof footwear, hat, sunglasses

*Warm clothing, camera, extra batteries

Prices include the 5% City of Juneau Sales tax. .

Call to book - no booking fee will be charged! Calling after June 15th, you may not get ahold of me as we are typically out on the water and service is limited. Online booking is the best way to book.  

Fishing license, tags and gratuities are NOT included in the above prices.

Fishing licenses and King Salmon Stamp are available on board!

*1 day fishing license $25.00

*1 day King Salmon stamp $15.00

*All prices are per person.  You can purchase your license the day of or ahead of time at the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game's website www.adfg.alaska.gov Remember to purchase it for the day you have your trip scheduled.  If purchased online, and you don't go fishing, ADF&G does not give refunds. Fishing licenses will not be sold on the boat.

King Salmon stamps are needed if you intend to Salmon fish between May and July.  King Salmon stamps are not required for Halibut or Rockfish only trips.

Booking requirements:

A 50% deposit is required for all charters booked prior to April 1st.  The remaining balance is due at 30 days prior to the trip.  After April 1st, 100% is due for all charters.  You can either book your trip online or by contacting me via email or directly @1(907) 209-2577 to discuss your options.  Payments can be made either by credit card or by check.  If sending your payment is the option you choose you can send it to 5955 Lemon Street Juneau, Alaska 99801.  If you pay via check the payment must be received 10 days from the time you scheduled your reservation. Once your payment is received, a confirmation letter will be emailed. 

Cancellation Policy:

If you for some unfortunate reason have to cancel your booking, a 100% refund will be issued with 30 day or more notice.

A 50% refund will be issued with 10 – 29 day notice. No refund will be issued with less than a 10-day notice.​ 

whale over the shoulder